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Foto: graur razvan ionut


ART D'ALU Collectibles

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Art d'Alu: Di-bond Panels

Title: Fotosynthesis Series | Artist: Michelle Bird
Size: 60x60cm
Availibility: per order basis
Price: CHF 590 | Price inc. shipping: CHF 615
Order:  Directly from ACTIVEVOICE

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alu d

Artist: Michelle Bird




Arte de la Carte: Greeting Cards 

Title: Organics | Artist: Chantal Speiser
Size: 148x105mm
Availibility: 10 same designs OR 5 x 2 multi designs 
Price: CHF 25 for pack of 1
Order: Directly  from ACTIVEVOICE

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thank you_card

Artist: Chantal Speiser



 The great gift of human beings is that we have

the power of empathy.

Meryl Streep