Top 7 Tools for Learning English

  • Dictionary
  • Translator & Pronunciation Tool
  • Grammar & Vocabulary | Business English
  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking & Listening
  • English Exams
  • NEWS | Am vs Brit English
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 1 Dictionary

What does 'geek' mean? How do you pronounce 'geek'?



2 Translator & Pronunciation Tool

What's 'geek' in German? How do you say 'geek' in Japanese?

3 Grammar & Vocabulary | Business English

How can I practice my grammar and vocabulary? And, business English?


4 Reading & Writing

How can I improve my reading and writing ability?


5 Speaking & Listening

How can I improve my conversation and listenting skills?


 6 English Exams


Where can I find information on official English exams?

Cambridge Esol      


7 English NEWS | British English vs American English

What is the difference between American and British English?



A library's function is to give the public in the quickest

and cheapeast way information, inspiration, and recreation.

If a better way than the book can be found, we should use it. 

 Melvil Dewey