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  easy-street main-street broadway
Learning style for relaxed learners for motivated students for busy professionals
Training easy going general intensive
Homework none - some medium maximum
Support basic standard full
Schedule no cancellations 1 week 24 hrs / same day

Certificate of completion or letter of reference 

yes yes yes


  rodeodrive social-ave junior-plaza
Learning style for special groups for change-makers for young learners
Training workshops special material early starter
Homework study pack self-directed some
Support total case-by-case basic
Schedule one day limited none

Certificate of completition
or letter of reference

yes yes yes


Learning style


easy-street... for RELAXED LEARNERS

  • I want to speak with my friends from Canada and England. (shop owner, age 53)
  • We would like to study grammar but we don't like exams. (designers, age 25 - 40)
  • No stress, please. Speaking English is fun. (seniors, age 65+)

 EASY STREET lessons are easy going.

√  Homework: none - some

√  Support: basic

√  Schedule: fixed, no cancellations


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main-street... for MOTIVATED STUDENTS

  • My group needs grammar practice. We'd like to use a course book & do homework. (office assistants, age 30 +)
  • I have to do small talk with customers and explain wine & food. I need help with menus and emails. (restaurant owner, age 49)
  • Speaking is not such a problem for us. But, talking about politics, films & news is difficult. (fashion retailers, age 50 +)

MAIN STREET lessons are general studies.

√  Homework: medium

√  Support: standard

√  Schedule: fixed, cancel 1-week in advance


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  • My colleagues and I are taking an English exam. We need to pass! (business people, age 30 - 45)
  • Our small team needs to prepare scripts and do interviews in English. Our schedule changes often. (media team, age 30 +)
  • I work and go to school. I need help with my university studies; it's A LOT of writing. (MBA student, age 37)

BROADWAY lessons are for your job.

√  Homework: specific purposes

√  Support: full

√  Schedule: flexible, 24-hour cancellation


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rodeodrive...for SPECIAL GROUPS

  • My guys have to do English presentations and negotiations. They need more confidence. (business people, mixed ages)
  • We need to prepare for our English exam by doing several full practice tests and writing tasks. (career changers, age 36 +)
  • Our group wants to get better at small talk and practice techniques to keep a conversation going. (age 29 - 52)

RODEO DRIVE workshops for developing skills.

√  Homework: study-pack

√  Support: total

√  Schedule: one day, skills development


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social-ave...for CHANGE-MAKERS
  • I am almost finished my studies and now I am looking for a job. I need to practice interview questions. (biologist, age 39) 
  • We are training to be primary school teachers and we need to have the First Certificate Exam.(practicum teachers, age 24 +)
  • We are social aid workers helping in a crisis. English is everywhere. It's the language of volunteers. (mixed ages)

SOCIAL AVE sessions for social .

√  Homework: self-directed

√  Support: case-by-case

√  Schedule: limited


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junior-plaza...for YOUNG LEARNERS

  • Young learners have normal learning abilities and do not require special needs care.
  • Parents of young learners provide a supportive environment for English language studies.
  • Young learners have a positive attitude towards the English language and English speaking culture.

 JUNIOR PLAZA lessons for early starters.

√  Homework: some

√  Support: basic

√  Schedule: fixed, no cancellations


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