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Title: Organics | Artist: Chantal Speiser

Art d'Alu

Accessible Learning Universally

The ART D'ALU Project supports education programs
for underprivileged girls.

A collaborative effort between artist Michell Bird and
social entrepreneur May D. Gavini, ART D'ALU was established to educate the planet one girl at a time
with generous contributions by distinguisehd artists.

Sales of limited edition collectibles sponsor one girl's education in a developing country for one year or a
portion of a school term.

The project derives its name from the first medium
chosen for the project - authentic artwork cast on aluminum - symbolizing widespread access to
education and enduring artful philanthropy.

Buy a limited edition collectible at our E-SHOP 

alu d

Title: Sunburst, 60 x 60 | Artist: Michelle Bird


Pro-bono Project

Professional Services Paid By Donations  

The PRO BONO Project supports education programs
for underprivileged girls.

Teachers give students and clients free professional English training and service for a non-obligatory donation.
Services include: translations, proofreading, support

All donations collected go toward a scholarship fund
for girls which is determined by the ACTIVEVOICE
team members, students and supporters. 

Thank you to Paul Mason for inspiring the project. 


Foto: David Castillo Dominici


Good Karma Fund

Pay it forward

The GOOD KARMA Fund supports education programs
for underprivileged girls.

When fortune smiles upon you, you smile and the whole world smiles with you. Thank you everyone for giving
back so graciously when you had been given a gift.

Thank you, Tullia
'If I sell my saddle, I will give the money to you.'
She sold her saddle! 

Thank you, Alex
'If I sell my bike, I'll make a donation to your fund.' 
Someone bought his bike! 



Foto: hinnamsaisuy


You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma,

whatever. This approach has never let me down,

and it has made all the difference in my life.

 Steve Jobs